Security key with fingerprint scanner

What are the features of this model? Usually you need to “press” the scanner area to activate the process, while there you need only to “touch” the scanner to complete the scanning. Another feature of this model is patented “Standalone enrollment” technology that provides more comfortable enrollment of fingerprints without any additional software using the external battery or PC only


HID device – no mandatory drivers

-Compact device for Windows, Mac, or ChromeBook

-Up to 10 fingerprints, scanning speed < 1 sec.,

FAR <1/50,000, FRR <2 %

-FIDO2 certificate

-Standalone enrollment

ATKey.Pro – multifunctional security key with a high level of protection from hacker attacks on soft and hardware, unauthorized access, or obtaining confidential information by third parties.Password-less sign in with ATKey.Pro also makes it easier to sign in for device-based authentication tasks, such as joining or registering Windows 10 PCs to Microsoft Azure Active Directory