Smart-card with fingerprint scanner

How many cards do your employees need? Can some of them use one card together? ATKey.Card – personal smart-card with the biometrical scanner, USB security key to access PC or sever, BLE location tracker, and NFC. The card is configured for only one person not allowing someone else to use it. 


-HID + BLE + NFC USB device without mandatory drivers

-The key wits all versions of Windows, Mac, or Chromebook

-Up to 8 fingerprints, scanning time < 1 sec., FAR <1/50,000, FRR < 2 % -FIDO2 certificate

During the development of the ATKey.Card we took into account each of the IT security tendencies. Its multifunctionality makes this device essential for each company – the card supports MFA

(multi-factor authentication) same as passwordless authentication via FIDO2, OTP, or other secure web authentications.